About Girls School Cinema

Girls School Cinema is brought to you by the same people behind FRINGE WORLD Festival and Rooftop Movies. Housed in the historic Old Perth Girls School, which operated as a school from 1936 until 1962.

Girls School Cinema is located at 2 Wellington St, East Perth and ran from 15 June to 29 September 2018.

History and future of the Girls School

The historic 1930s Old Perth Girls School building is iconic in its ‘Egyptian Art-Deco’ grandeur (it’s a thing apparently – check out the pyramids on the roof!). The castle-like building operated as a school for thirty years and then a Police centre for fifty years. Some remember going to school there. Others remember going there for traffic branch business. A few remember going there to visit major crime and the dog squad. Some of them are still in prison.

There’s the remnants of a secret cop bar in the basement and an interrogation room still in place – but you’ll have to wait to visit those secret places later as the transformation of the building into a thriving Creative Precinct rolls out over coming months! The cinema is Stage 1 of the plan and it activates two of the main spaces in the building; the hall and an adjacent courtyard. The school hall is in the middle of the building and it’s a stunner.

Check out the tudoresque panelling in the ceiling and the names of heroic historical women bevelled into the faux limestone walls to inspire the girls during assembly. We’re hoping that the re-activation of this building helps to grow a thriving creative precinct that will introduce a whole new dash of life to the East Perth neighbourhood. 

Thanks for the memories

If you have any memories, photos or stories relating to the Old Perth Girls School we want to hear about it. Simply click on the link below and tell us your story.